Pedron Italian Coffee

The World’s Best Coffee from the World’s Best Coffee Beans.

Perfetta Armonia. Perfect Harmony.

Now imported and sold directly in the UK By Rye Bay Coffee.

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Pedron Coffee

A short history of the Best Coffee we know

After 25 years of continuing the family love affair with good coffee, Massimo PedronĀ  founded Caffe Pedron in 2004, based in Padua, Italy.
Massimo insisted on using a slow, artisan roasting process using only supreme quality beans, continuing a tradition of the Venice area going back many years.

The tradition of Italian craftsmanship in only using optimum roasting times to bring out the character of great coffee is at the core of Pedron.


Gourmet Coffee beans now in Sussex and the UK

In addition to the unique Pedron blends a selection of rare, connoisseur single origin gourmet coffees were also introduced.
Beans from Hawaii, Ethiopia, Cuba and the slopes of Mount Everest are available to order, as a fresh roast ensures the very best coffee.

These hand made coffee roasts are now exclusively available in the UK from Rye Bay Coffee, in Hastings, Sussex.


Wholesale coffee beans in Sussex & the UK

Packed in kilo packs wrapped by protective foil as well as vacuum sealed tins, and now capsules for pod machines, the coffees give a first rate drink, easily served by premium restaurants, coffee bars, hotels and delicatessens.

The Coffee

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